Foot blister the best remedies for quick relief

The blister on the foot is not serious, but it can be painful and disabling. Brigitte Oudet, a chiropodist, explains to us how to treat it and how to avoid it.

Foot blister the best remedies for quick relief
foot blister

All it takes is a new shoe, poorly fitted or worn without a sock, for a small blister to appear, most often in the Achilles tendon, heel, or little toe. The blister, whose medical name is polyethylene, is painful but is very easy to cure.

Blister on the foot, what are the causes?

"The blister is caused by repeated rubbing. The epidermis will then peel off, causing a blister to form a sip of a clear liquid," explains the podiatrist. We tend to think that the blister is caused by shoes that are too small, but in reality, it is rather the opposite. 

"Too hard leather, shoes that are too big or badly adapted, but above all the absence of socks are the first causes of the blister. From the moment there is friction, the risk exists. And it is particularly true among athletes, ”she adds. Some people are also more likely than others to suffer from a blister. Very dry skin, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) but also certain deformities of the feet can also be involved.

Bulb: do you have to pierce it?

If the blister is small and painless, it does not need to be punctured. It will simply be necessary to clean the foot with water and soap, making sure to dry it well afterward. Then apply an antiseptic solution such as betadine before putting on a bandage to prevent friction. "If the blister is large and annoying, we can pierce it with a previously sterilized needle. 

Then we disinfect the wound well and then apply a sterile dressing," recommends the podiatrist. The latter specifies that complications are extremely rare but that if the blister is infected, the prescription of an antibiotic cream is sometimes necessary. You should also take care to wear a shoe that clears the heel well during healing.

How long does a blister on the foot last?

A small blister will generally disappear after 48 hours. If it is larger, it can take up to 5 days.

Treatment of blisters, not in the foot bath!

Among grandmothers' remedies to cure blisters, it is sometimes recommended to do a baking soda foot bath. "The idea is not bad because the bicarbonate has purifying virtues but in general it is necessary to avoid the foot baths which favor the blister", assures the specialist. On the contrary, it is necessary to take care to dry your feet well and to powder them, especially when you play sports regularly.

Blisters on the foot: how to avoid them?

If you know that you have blisters regularly, in summer with sandals, or for example when you release new shoes, you can apply a hydrocolloid gel dressing of the Compeed type to protect against friction. This also applies to a blister already present to accelerate healing.

"I also recommend going gradually when wearing shoes for the first time. We, therefore, avoid wearing them all day to start and we do not hesitate to have them shaped by a shoemaker", advises the podiatrist.

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