Drink lemon in the morning on an empty stomach: the pros and cons

Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fatigue ... Lemon has many benefits. This is why some people wake up to this squeezed fruit diluted in water when they wake up. 

Drink lemon in the morning on an empty stomach: the pros and cons
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But does drinking this juice in the morning on an empty stomach only benefit the body? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this habit? We take stock with the dietician and nutritionist Laura Tajan.

For some, starting the day without their caffeine fix is ​​unimaginable. Others can't start it without drinking lemon water as soon as they wake up before they've even had their breakfast. But that's not the only reason they want to drink lemon juice when they wake up. In the collective imagination, sipping this nectar in the morning on an empty stomach would be "good for your health." This is why many people have incorporated this ritual into their "morning routine". But what are the real benefits of this habit? What about the disadvantages?

Lemon juice: what is the point of drinking it on an empty stomach?

According to dietitian and nutritionist Laura Tajan, lemon juice, when digested, is alkalinizing, which means it lowers the body's acidity. "Its alkalizing properties are good for the body because they help rebalance the body's pH, which is very often too acidic," she says. However, the nutritionist still believes that it is not necessary to drink this lemon water on an empty stomach.

Drinking lemon in the morning on an empty stomach: what are the benefits?

Contrary to popular belief, drinking this beverage when you wake up does not help to lose weight, according to the dietician. On the other hand, it allows you to fill up with vitamins and minerals. Lemon is one of the foods best known for its high vitamin C content. According to the Ciqual nutritional composition table, this fruit contains 45mg of vitamin C per 100g. This is a significant proportion given that vitamin C requirements "are 110 mg/day for both men and women," according to the Medicines Agency (ANSES).

Thanks to its richness in vitamin C, lemon juice thus helps overcome fatigue, prevent viral and bacterial infections, promote the absorption of iron present in plants, better heal and protect the wall blood vessels. Another advantage: lemon has an antioxidant action. Sipping this drink thus helps protect the body from free radicals and prevents the onset of several diseases. This habit also delays skin aging.

"The antioxidants contained in lemon juice also make it possible to fight against oxidative stress, which corresponds to an attack on cells by free radicals. Oxidative stress occurs when we move or practice activity. physical ", detailed Laura Tajan.

Are there any downsides to consuming lemon juice when you wake up on an empty stomach?

This habit doesn't just have its benefits. The dietician indicates that drinking lemon every day causes damage to the teeth. "Some dentists have explained to me that the citric acid in the lemon will erode tooth enamel. This happens when you drink too much lemon juice," she said. Drinking it daily can also lead to dental hypersensitivity.

People with a sensitive digestive system should be careful not to drink this lemon water every day and especially on an empty stomach. The reason is simple: the extreme acidity of this fruit can irritate the walls of the stomach and can cause heartburn. Laura Tajan advises against this beverage for stressed individuals, especially if they are prone to stress gastritis. This will only increase the symptoms.

How often and when should you drink your lemon juice?

The dietitian-nutritionist recommends that people with a sensitive digestive system avoid consuming lemon juice in the morning without having eaten beforehand. "For people who tolerate it, there are no rules. They can drink it during a meal and even outside of meals because lemon is not very sweet. Unlike other fruits, like orange, it has very little impact on the blood sugar spike, ”she explained.

Regarding frequency, Laura Tajan indicates that it is possible to drink this drink every day. But she says, in this case, it's best to sip it through a straw to prevent the lemon from attacking tooth enamel. If you want to consume this lemon water without using a straw, the dietician advises drinking two or three juices maximum in the week.

Lemon juice: how to prepare and consume it?

"Vitamins are present in the skin of fruits. It is therefore advisable to infuse small lemon zest in the water. It is also advisable to leave the pulp of the fruit in water because it contains fibers", recommends the nutritionist. She also recommends opting for temperate water and not betting on boiling or cold water.

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