4 Detox Smoothie Recipes That Help Eliminate

Spring is the perfect time to help the body detoxify itself. Certain drinks associated with a balanced diet allow the toxins accumulated by the liver to be evacuated. Anne Guillot, dietician-nutritionist, unveils several smoothie recipes to promote detoxification.

4 Detox Smoothie Recipes That Help Eliminate
detox Smoothie Recipes

The liver has several functions that are essential for the body to function properly. This organ ensures the filtration and purification of the blood as well as the transformation and storage of substances absorbed by the digestive tract. 

It is also responsible for making bile, a thick liquid that helps digestion and the elimination of waste products. When it has been overworked, the liver is sometimes weakened and weakened. Anne Guillot, dietician-nutritionist, recommends several simple smoothie recipes to prepare to relieve and stimulate it.

These smoothies help and support the liver in its detoxification functions, but it is not recommended to consume only these drinks during the entire detox course. It is necessary to combine it with a healthy and balanced diet. "We add green vegetables and fruits in smoothies. These foods are rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, minerals (calcium, amino acids) and proteins", explains Anne Guillot.

What are the smoothie recipes that detoxify the body?

Banana, kiwi, avocado

For this first recipe, you will need a kiwi, half an avocado, and a teaspoon of whole chia seeds. The dietitian-nutritionist also recommends adding a whole banana to the detox smoothie. In question? This fruit regulates blood sugar and has a good potassium content. As for chia seeds, they facilitate intestinal transit as well as the evacuation of toxins. They also contain vegetable omega-3s.

Add the water and then blend the fruits and vegetables in a blender. "I recommend making thick smoothies with little water. On the Internet, there are many recipes where it is advisable to add vegetable drinks to the smoothie. These do not add anything significant to detoxification and add calories, ”says Anne Guillot.

Apple, pear, kiwi

Mix half an apple, half a pear, and a kiwi. In this recipe, you can add cinnamon to slow the blood sugar response. "This smoothie is a little sweeter. The cinnamon helps prevent blood sugar from rising too quickly," adds Anne Guillot. It is then advisable to pour a teaspoon of honey and whole chia seeds. To finish the preparation, add water.

Pear, spinach

For this smoothie, it is necessary to incorporate a handful of spinach, a pear, and half an avocado. You can also replace the avocado with a kiwi. You can then add a teaspoon of whole honey and chia seeds and water.

Banana, cucumber, avocado

In this recipe, incorporate a whole banana, 100g of cucumber, and half an avocado. You can also add a teaspoon of whole chia seeds to promote intestinal transit. Pour in the water and then put the food in a blender.

What are the recommendations to follow during a detox cure?

During the detox, you can drink one or two smoothies a day for two weeks while maintaining a varied and balanced diet. "It is recommended to have a gluten-free, lactose-free diet rich in fruits, vegetables, proteins (animal and/or vegetable) when one wishes to support the detoxification of the liver", indicates Anne Guillot, before adding: "it can be interesting to incorporate one or two scoops of a vegetable protein powder in the smoothie".

According to the specialist, smoothies are not recommended for people with bloating. In question? In these drinks, we keep the fibers of the food. These can be irritating to the intestine, and therefore increase the risk of bloating. "Better to use extractor juices for people who are regularly bloated. They will have all the benefits of fruits and vegetables without any fiber being present in the drink," recommends Anne Guillot.

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