Abura method what does this diet that made Inès Reg lose 16 kilos

The comedian Inès Reg has never made a secret of his weight. Last October, the young woman who became famous after her famous "I want glitter in my life", proudly announced to weigh 61 kg. 

Abura method what does this diet that made Inès Reg lose 16 kilos
abura method

"There is no such thing as a perfect body. There is no such thing as an Instagramable body. What matters is our well-being. It is to love ourselves, to take responsibility for ourselves, to be proud of what we are. ”, she explained then. 

The comedian's followers had noticed his significantly slimmer figure, pounds flown by the Abura method. Inès Reg said on Instagram that it was a "combination of several recognized techniques, implemented in a suitable way to lose weight effectively.". But what exactly is it?

The Abura Method: Mixing Keto Diet and Intermittent Youth

The Abura method is a low-calorie diet that combines two very popular slimming methods: the keto diet and the intermittent youth. The keto diet is high in fat and very low in carbohydrates, its purpose is to limit the level of insulin in the blood and force the body into a state of ketosis. 

The body will thus use the fats to bring energy to the body, we then obtain a decrease in fat reserves and therefore a loss of weight. The young intermittent consists of eating 2 meals a day and then fasting for 16 hours. The combination of these two methods, which does not prohibit any food, has therefore enabled Inès Reg to go from 76 to 61 kilos in six months.

The method's website offers three formulas according to each person's needs and budget. From 25.50 euros for a menu per day for two weeks to 780 euros for menus for 4 weeks and 2 dishes prepared per day. 

Note, however, the creator of the website has no training or experience in the field of nutrition. "I am not a healthcare professional. The information contained in this program is neither treatments nor individual protocols.", State the general conditions of sale.

However, it is clear that the Abura method seems to have worked for the comedian, who is full of praise for this miracle diet. "I started the Abura method at 76 kilos on June 16, 2020, and on November 16, 2020, I was 61 kilos. 

Today I am 60 kilos. I share with you because it changed my life so it can change yours too if you need it. ", she explained on her Instagram account, specifying that it was neither" a matter of contract or money ", nor of a "paid partnership".

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