5 tips to reduce your sugar intake

We know that we should not abuse it, but we have trouble setting limits. Our tips for eating less sugar and reducing your consumption without frustration.

5 tips to reduce your sugar intake
5 tips to reduce your sugar intake

Play the aroma card

According to a recent study published by Danish researchers in the journal Foods, vanilla is the best way to reduce sugar to enhance desserts. Banana, elderflower, honey, or even raspberry also reinforce the perception of sweet flavor.

Take the time to savor

Whether it's a cake, chocolate ... If you focus on what you eat, the pleasure you feel diminishes with the bite. Guaranteed efficiency!

Reduce the sugar in your recipes by 20%

It's an easy habit adopted by pastry chefs who are revisiting traditional desserts. And it remains just as good!

Do not offer several desserts at the table

A study on eating behavior by Professor Marc Fantino shows that no longer feeling pleasure in eating a cake because you are full does not prevent you from keeping the desire to taste a second, or even a third, intact. It is therefore in our best interest to avoid multiplying the possible choices during dessert.

Bet on good coffees, teas, or yogurts

At the end of the meal, it is better to choose products sufficiently tasty to end on a gourmet note without absolutely needing to sweeten them.

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