Mediterranean diet of lean beef may reduce risk of heart disease

Eating too much red meat is often associated with poor heart health.

Mediterranean diet of lean beef may reduce risk of heart disease
the Mediterranean diet

Still, following a new study, experts want to remind consumers that there is a place for lean beef in a healthy Mediterranean-style diet, and that small portions of meat could potentially help reduce factors of risk of developing heart disease.

The Mediterranean diet

"When you create a healthy diet based on fruits, vegetables, and other plant foods, it leaves room for moderate amounts of other foods like lean beef," said Jennifer Fleming, professor. nutrition education assistant at Pennsylvania State University. “Beef still contains important nutrients that you can benefit from by consuming lean cuts like loin or round, or 93% lean ground beef. "

Nutritionists have long advocated eating a diet that is high in vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, beans, grains, grains, fish, and unsaturated fats like olive oil.

The study, which involved 59 participants, saw each person eat a diet of different amounts of meat for four weeks. The participants' blood samples were analyzed during the survey.

After analyzing the data, the researchers found that the participants all had lower LDL cholesterol levels after periods of the Mediterranean diet than after the average American diet.

“Our study illustrated the benefits associated with a healthy Mediterranean eating pattern that embodies balance, variety, and inclusion of nutrient-rich components and which can include low to moderate amounts of lean beef,” added Jennifer Fleming.

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