Lose weight with spiritual detox, the new diet for the stars

Thanks to spiritual detox, losing weight starts with working on yourself to accept your emotions, take care of yourself, and give meaning to your suffering in order to get better. Here's how this new slimming trend works. With Alexandra Region, a dietician nutritionist.

Lose weight with spiritual detox, the new diet for the stars
Lose weight with a spiritual detox

Many stars have become adept at spiritual detox. We think of Gwyneth Paltrow, passing by Anne Hattaway or Penélope Cruz. To overcome weight problems that have had to be hard to resolve with repetitive diets, spiritual detox can pay off. We discuss this new fashionable diet with Alexandra Region, the dietician nutritionist.

Spiritual detox or how to get rid of negative emotions

If nutritionists or sports coaches know how to support people in their process of change, they will not be able to lose weight in their place. In this new approach, in order to lose weight, you have to change your way of thinking in the hope of avoiding the repetition of the infernal pattern: losing weight, getting bigger, depressing, eating again, getting bigger, and… getting back to weight.

This method, discovered and encouraged by Dr. Habib Sadeghi, is based on an observation: we must convert the negative energy around us into positive energy. Our daily life is loaded with emotions, positive and negative, which often invade us without knowing how to cope. To get rid of it healthily, Dr. Habib Sadeghi has developed a course in several stages. We must integrate, equally, in the process of accepting our suffering: "mind, body and spirit" to heal or see a real change in life.

It is necessary to get out of the pattern that makes us fall back into the same ways and prevent us from losing weight. So, to lose weight, the solution inevitably goes through a long and deep "phase of introspection" to come to terms with your emotions.

Rethink your diet while respecting your psychological needs

In another register, we also hear about psycho-nutrition which aims to review our entire diet while respecting our psychological needs and preserving our lifestyle. Like spiritual detox, this technique is based on concepts derived from psychology added to micronutrition.

To be more specific on the subject, Dr. Sadeghi clearly makes the connection between "bodily symptoms" and "emotional knots". It presents rituals based on diet, fasting, or outflow exercises, in order to cleanse the organs affected by anger and to purify the mind.

However, the flaw in most medical, psychological or nutritional treatments is to focus on the symptom rather than on the cause.

Take charge of your emotional waste

The comparison seems surprising, but Dr. Habib Sadeghi drew his inspiration from the "septic tank".

Let your anger express

For him, if nature can "transform and purify" our bodily waste without "anything special" as he writes, then it is possible to duplicate the pattern for our "emotional waste". In other words, when something negative happens to us, we always keep a mark on it. Over time, this negative energy can end up being toxic. Thus, it is necessary to take responsibility to prevent accumulation. We can let our anger, resentment, or jealousy express themselves, but we must take our responsibility into account in a given situation.

A clean body for a clean mind

The next phase is the so-called "cleaning" phase which takes place in two stages.

A diet based on animal protein

Emotions produce residues that build up in our body, so the first step is cleansing by the body. Dr. Habib Sadeghi submits a five-day cure of "intentional desaturation". It is a diet based on animal proteins, particularly sardines, vegetables, fruits (red apples), brown rice, and lemon infusion. Dairy products and sugar are excluded.

Write your thoughts

Then comes the time to cleanse your mind. A cleansing ritual takes place through writing to help our mind shed accumulated negative energy.

For 12 minutes, without stopping, you will write your thoughts on a piece of paper, then without proofreading you will burn it. Thanks to this symbolic gesture, you will get rid of his emotional waste and enjoy the benefits of written expression on emotional health. Repeat daily for 5 days.

Accept your suffering

Achieving inner clarity does not mean always being happy or feeling only positive emotions. "It is important to accept the ups and downs of your life because they allow us to progress and learn. Knowing how to value yourself in moments of doubt in order to have the feeling of being "stronger and taking back control of the situation" is essential. Developing self-esteem and generating new ideas that can "help solve problems".

A report on each event

Once this suffering is accepted, it must be given meaning and the writing will be used again. Indeed, "no one can think for you, so you are entirely responsible for the meaning that you decide to attach to each person, to each event, to each detail of your life."

Take a sheet of paper and divide it in half, then draw two columns in the bottom half. On the right, write "judgment", on the left "benevolent interpretations". At the top, tell about the situation that is hurting you. Next, we focus on the “judgment” column, “listing all the judgments that come to mind about the event”.

Then, we rewrite them in the column "benevolent interpretations" with more sincerity and love.
This report will allow us to take stock of the questioning that the event may have brought us and the path we have taken since.

The deeper the emotional change, the faster you will see your living conditions change.

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