Cherry juice what are the benefits of this anti-cellulite drink

Anti-cellulite, draining, rich in vitamins and minerals, good for sleep, an ally of weight loss… Cherry juice, and preparations made from cherry stems, have many benefits. Find out all there is to know about these drinks.

Cherry juice what are the benefits of this anti-cellulite drink
cherry juice

Rich in nutrients, but sweet, cherries are delicious fruits, to be enjoyed from the month of May ... But to keep the figure, and take advantage of its anti-cellulite action, it is better to turn to the juice of cherry stems or the infusions! Explanations with Alexia Mouyal and Carla Abbou, dieticians.

Vitamins, minerals… What does cherry juice contain?

Cherry juice is very rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

On the nutrient side, we find in cherry juice flavonoids, which are antioxidants with interesting anti-inflammatory properties.

There is also vitamin C (also an antioxidant), provitamin A, or carotene (this is a vitamin that prevents the aging of cells), as well as vitamin B9, or folic acid (a vitamin which has a key role in the renewal of all the cells of the body, but also in the formation of tissues).

Also, cherry juice contains interesting amounts of magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and potassium. In general, minerals are involved in the protection of the immune system.

Finally, the cherry contains, like all fruits, fibers which will promote the proper functioning of intestinal transit.

What are the benefits of cherry juice?

Cherry is a fruit to favor in summer, because it is juicier and tastier, which has many health benefits. Consuming cherry, especially in the form of juice, could improve the quality of sleep, but also facilitate muscle recovery.

Regarding sleep, it is Montmorency cherry juice, also called sour cherry, which contains a good amount of melatonin (which is the sleep hormone), and which can therefore help improve quality. some sleep. Note that this variety of cherries is one of the few dietary sources of melatonin!

Finally, this fruit would have virtues for the drainage of our body.

Note that cherries, like all fruits, contain sugar, so they should be consumed in moderation when seeking weight loss.

Be careful, consumed in too large a quantity, preparations based on cherry stems can cause diarrhea, given its laxative effect.

Cherry juice: an anti-cellulite drink?

"When we talk about the slimming properties of cherry juice, we do not dwell on its leaves or the very juicy and delicious cherries ... But on their peduncles, the small stalk which is at the top of these, that we commonly call cherry tails, "says Alexia Mouyal, dietician.

Indeed, consuming cherry stems, in the form of a drink, could help to act on cellulite thanks to an act of elimination of fat cells.

"Cherry stems have another advantage, and not the least: they limit water retention," she adds.

Can you lose weight with cherry juice?

Rich in potassium, but also in water, the cherry is a fruit known to be a diuretic. Consuming it will therefore help us eliminate waste from our body.

As we have just seen, cherry juice is a good ally to fight against water retention, which will help "unclog the fatty tissues of the skin and thus" deflate "in a sustainable way", explains Carla Abbou. , dietician.

Cherry juice: where to buy and how to consume it to enjoy its benefits?

From May and for 3 months, the cherry is present on market stalls as well as in early vegetables, and this is the best time to consume it!

Outside of this cherry harvest period, it is better to turn to bottled cherry juice, preferably organic.

The ideal, to take advantage of the anti-inflammatory effects of cherry juice on the body, or to make it an anti-cellulite ally, is to consume it in the form of a cure, at the rate of one glass per day, in the part of a balanced diet.

A good piece of advice from the dietician: for juices rich in antioxidants, choose tart cherry varieties with very red flesh. For example, favor sour cherries, or Keller is, slightly acidic and fragrant, or even the very acidic, juicy Montmorency cherry, as a bonus, rock in melatonin.

Cherry juice: how to store it?

During the cherry season from May to July, it is very easy to make delicious fresh juice at home if you have a juicer or juicer.

If you are making homemade cherry juice, it should be consumed immediately, or within 24 hours in the case of the electric juice extractor.

If you want to keep your juices longer, you have to go through a cherry juice pasteurization step, which consists of heating the juice in clean, filled, and closed bottles for a few minutes in water at 85 ° C.

Finally, the best way to consume cherries is to prepare herbal teas made from cherry stems.

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