5 pro tips to gently get back into shape

Snow-cleared roads and trails here we are ready to bring out running sneakers and sportswear!

5 pro tips to gently get back into shape
5 pro tips to gently get back into shape

Guillaume Béland, trainer and physical trainer, gives us some professional advice to get back into shape smoothly.

Have a tangible purpose

From the outset, it is important to have motivation. You have to know your goal and know why you want to get back in shape. This is usually what will make the difference, especially between someone who gives up and someone who achieves their goal.

Set a schedule

Before even putting on our sportswear, it is important to make our activity part of our agenda. Simply establishing time slots for our training can influence our motivation. If we just trust our willpower, we can quickly skip a workout or two! Whereas, if we integrate it into our routine and put on a reminder, it becomes easier to stick to. It keeps us structured and motivated while helping us to get away from everyday life and our screens.

Eat well

When a person wants to get back in shape, it goes without saying that the aspect of the diet must be addressed. In order for the whole body to function well, the foods you choose must be considered. In my opinion, it is important to consume all the macronutrients - proteins, carbohydrates, fats - essential for the proper functioning of the body. A simple dietary goal may be to replace Pepsi with sparkling water! We keep the "sparkling" effect, but we remove the ton of refined sugar in the drink. Being supervised by a health professional in nutrition can also be an element to consider.

Focus on the right exercises

Why not just start with short yoga routines? It’s simple, accessible, and fast. This type of exercise generally engages all the muscles in the body, works the stabilizing muscles, helps to breathe, eliminates stressful surroundings, and has little impact on the joints. Sessions of all types and of varying lengths are offered online, including on YouTube.

Strength training is also important. Incorporating muscle exercises one to three times a week, among other things, improves basal metabolism, muscle structure and posture, while preventing and reducing the risk of chronic disease. It is also a very good remedy for reducing stress!

Running is also a good sport for getting back into shape. Of course, you don't start with a distance of 20 km! (Laughs) You can even start by taking steps or hiking. Then brisk walking to finally integrate the race. We want gradual progression!

Another great option is the alternation between walking and running, without going for too high a speed when running. Over the weeks, the course distance and the goal are increased. Thus, we work on the mechanics of the race and we improve our cardiovascular health.

Have good sleep hygiene

Sleeping well is the key! Poor sleep affects our daily lives, can lead to a higher risk of injury and poor overall functioning. Hence the importance of having good sleep hygiene and listening to our body.

Stay motivated and balanced

The best way to stay motivated is to set a final goal, but also micro-goals. These can be summed up in distance, a number of sessions, better food consumption habits, etc. Keeping a journal can also help stay motivated and track how far you've come.

In short, just having realistic goals and maintaining a balanced lifestyle can help us get back in shape and stay healthy!

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